How to open your own E-Commerce Shop at Shopify

How to open your own E-Commerce Shop at Shopify


It’s as easy as starting your blog

Since we encourage everyone to make the most out of your hard earned cash (dropping 50 grand on a smartphone is not a smart idea, unless you have lots of cash lying around), we here in Unbox are exploring various E-commerce platforms to help us as budding entrepreneurs. Last week, we gave you a quick tutorial on how to be an online seller at Lazada; this time around, we explore Shopify.


While it is not free like Lazada (they offer a free trial if you want to try out their platform), Shopify offers more creative freedom for your own online shop. Think of it as WordPress—optimized for e-commerce that is. Before we go into the step-by-step process, check out their packages:

For as low as $13 (~Php 670 a month), you can create an online shop you can call your own! That’s awesome, right? Let’s do a quick run through with how you open one at Shopify:

Sign Up

Of course, you have to start somewhere: To register, you simply provide your email, password (for logging into your account), and a cool store name. After that, Shopify will ask you a few questions to guide you towards your first online shop.

Personalize your store

Now, this is the fun part: You can choose a variety of themes for your online shop to best match what you are selling. Here’s a preview of one of the many themes you can try out:

Do note that you can change your store theme later on, so you can experiment until you find the theme that best suits your online shop.


Fine tune your store

After the initial set-up, you will be brought to your own admin page. From here, you can start adding products for your store, or customize the look of your store further.

You can fix other technical stuff for your store, from shipping settings, payment methods, tax settings, to your own store policies so that your prospective customers will have a smooth and hassle-free experience buying items from your shop.

Spread the news about your new creation!

Once you are done fixing the details (both aesthetic and technical) of your store, it’s time to launch it! You can share your Shopify store through your social media platforms, or even embed it into your blog. See? It’s really easy to be an entrepreneur these days! 


So what item(s) do you plan to sell if you open up your own online store? Comment down below for your ideas!

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