JoyRide Challenges Grab with SuperTaxi Service

JoyRide Challenges Grab with SuperTaxi Service

JoyRide expands its services in the Philippines with SuperTaxi. Taking inspiration from, Japanese taxis, SuperTaxi marks JoyRide’s official entry into the taxi market and also a potential Grab competitor.

JoyRide mainly focused on its motorcycle taxi business but has expanded with 4-wheel options like JoyRide Car.

For its initial rollout, SuperTaxi will have 25 units that will initially cover Metro Manila, with plans for expansion in Pampanga and Ilocos next year. To make itself stand out, SuperTaxi claims to have a better set of onboard amenities for passenger comfort while having a regular metered taxi fare rate.

Videos of the cars that JoyRide will use for its SuperTaxi service reveal that they will be using a black Toyota Veloz E variant based on the looks of the interior. It’s no secret that the Veloz is an upscale version of the Avanza, so it makes sense why JoyRide chose these cars for its SuperTaxi service.

Unlike most taxis plying around Metro Manila, the SuperTaxi is definitely more premium with its leather-wrapped steering wheel, electronic climate control, and CVT transmission. These taxis are accredited by LTFRB, so commuters now have a premium ride-hailing option.

Users can book a SuperTaxi through the JoyRide app, though the ride-hailing service has yet to disclose the fare rates.

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