Kingston FURY BEAST DDR5-6000 RGB Review: Fast and Pretty

Kingston FURY BEAST DDR5-6000 RGB Review: Fast and Pretty

Review verdict: if you want the absolute best RAM kit for your newly built PC, the Kingston FURY BEAST DDR5 RGB is the ticket – provided you have enough cash in your wallet.


  • Bright RGB
  • 6000 MT/s is the sweet spot for new AMD processors
  • Blazing performance


  • Pricey

With both Intel and AMD moving onto new platforms for their CPUs, rig builders will now have to start thinking about switching over to DDR5. There has been a bunch of new RAM kits for the new standard that’s been finding their way to stores lately, but if you’re the type of person that wants the best kit in their system without regard for how much it is, then you’ll probably settle with the Kingston FURY BEAST DDR5-6000 RGB in this review.


The Kingston FURY BEAST DDR5-6000 RGB comes in a pretty nondescript plastic blister. There’s really no fancy packaging here – you get a bit of documentation, a Fury sticker plus the two sticks of RAM.

As for the overall design aesthetic, the kits have pronounced, aggressive lines that have been the hallmark of the company’s gaming-focused products. There’s a massive RGB LED at the top of the heat spreader.

The RGB lighting can be customized via the Kingston FURY RGB software, but even without customization, the default RGB effects looked pretty good. The RGB LEDs are extremely bright, and easily attract the eye of anyone even remotely looking at the direction of your rig even if it’s in a chassis that’s filled with RGB eye candy like our test system was from ASUS ROG.

Hardware, performance, benchmarks

This particular RAM kit from Kingston has a total of two 16GB modules, totaling to 32GB. It’s currently the fastest in terms of MT/s for the entire lineup and was the memory of choice for us while doing the GeForce RTX 4080 review.

Other technical specs include CAS latency of 40 clocks and tRCD-TRP-tRAS timings of 40-40-80. To get the 6000 MT/s speeds, you’ll have to set it via Intel’s XMP or AMD’s EXPO memory profile. The kit actually ships with two profiles – one is set at 6000 MT/s, and another is set at 5600 MT/s.

Our test rig for this review is the same one we used in our GeForce RTX 4080 review: specifically, an Intel Core i9-12900K nestled inside a ROG Maximus Z790 EXTREME, 1TB of NVMe 3.0 storage from T-Force, and a ROG Thor II 1000P PSU. All of that is contained in a roomy (and back-breakingly heavy) ROG Strix Helios case.

You can see in the benchmarks that the Kingston FURY BEAST DDR5-6000 leaves its contemporaries in the dust in benchmarks, though you’re only getting a few FPS variations in terms of frames in games with other DDR5 kits. That’s not to say that switching to higher speed DDR5 kit isn’t without its merits – other outfits see as much as a 26% difference when switching from a DDR4-3200 kit to a DDR5-6000 kit, which makes the jump worth it if you’re building a new PC that’ll use AMD or Intel’s new processors.

Wrap-up and verdict

There are enough options in the market right now for DDR5 kits for new builds, but if you want the very best, you really can’t do better than the Kingston FURY BEAST DDR5-6000 RGB. It dominates other, slower RAM kits, and while it does have quite a price, it’s on par with what you’d expect to come from a top-tier company like Kingston.

Kingston FURY BEAST DDR5-6000 RGB Review Price Philippines

The Kingston FURY BEAST DDR5-6000 RGB has a price of 11,749 for the exact review kit we got. You can buy it on Lazada here.


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