Major Internet Outage in the Philippines? Google, Facebook Down

Major Internet Outage in the Philippines? Google, Facebook Down

(UPDATE 2): PLDT released a statement to the ongoing internet problem:

One of our submarine cable partners confirms a loss in some of its internet bandwidth capacity, and thus causing slower internet browsing. We are now working with our partners to provide alternate capacity that would restore the browsing experience in the next few hours.

(UPDATE 1): Looks like more sites are affected by this major internet outage in the Philippines. Here’s the data from Downdetector as of 440pm:


(ORIGINAL STORY) If you noticed that your internet is slow lately, it seems that there’s a major outage in the Philippines that has affected major sites like Google, YouTube, Gmail, and Facebook. According to at around 4:20pm several sites like Google and YouTube are down, while PLDT and Smart appear to have connection issues.

We’ve tried to use our PLDT connection, and while it does fine with downloading a game update, the connection is barely usable for web browsing. We don’t know what’s causing the major outage in the Philippines that’s causing internet providers and platforms like Google to be down at the moment.

This story is developing. 


  • David , June 5, 2023

    Pag walang VPN, mabagal buksan yung mga websites.

    Pag may VPN (Express VPN, PH server), normal speed.

  • Pinoy na corrupt , June 5, 2023

    It’s more fun in the Philippines.

  • Capkirth , November 18, 2023

    The internet will not be lost, although SMART and PLDT will do all the backup’s due to PBBM launching a new projects other social media platforms such as websites all we are known will be condemned. Some will be remain as long as it is still valueable. For some sake, Philippines are now creating a new era for its own sake. Some countries are now indepently relying in their own satelite. Such as Asian Country and neigbouring areas
    To improve data privacy and security purposes and faster data transferee in all related resources.
    Note: It will only takes time to launch.

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