MPTC is Ready for Undas Traffic Surge

MPTC is Ready for Undas Traffic Surge

It’s “undas” once again and many people are getting ready to visit their departed loved ones in their home provinces. In line with this, the Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC) is expecting a jump in vehicle volume by 10 to 15 percent from Oct. 29 to Nov. 2. 

MPTC is Ready for Undas Traffic Surge

This is not a problem for the MPTC though, as they are prepared and ready for the undas traffic surge. Teams on NLEX, SCTEX, CAVITEX, CAVITEX C5 Link, and CALAX have been increased especially for the undas season. In addition, they have deployed emergency medical services and incident response teams in certain areas.

The company said that 1,200 patrol crew members, traffic marshals, security teams, and lane personnel will be deployed to ensure safety and provide immediate assistance to motorists.

“We remain committed to provide our motorists with ease of travel, ensure their safety, and assist them immediately this season as we also continue to observe COVID-19 protocols for the protection of our customers and employees,” MPTC president and CEO Rodrigo E. Franco said in a statement.

Moreover, construction and lane closures along the mainline road of all MPTC expressways will be suspended to help with the undas traffic surge.

MPTC also encouraged motorists to use RFID for toll payment to avoid queues on cash lanes.

“Those who have no RFID may have the sticker installed before entering the expressways and just have to pay the initial load,” the company said.

“Existing RFID users are advised to make sure that their accounts have sufficient balance to cover their trips,” it added.

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