[Op. Ed] LTFRB, You’re Making Our Lives Miserable by Shutting Down Uber


This Means War

News just broke out that the LTFRB is going to fine Uber vehicles Php200,000 and they will impound the vehicles for 3 months at the LTO. This just smacks of hardcore lobbying by the affected taxi groups and reflects how shortsighted and backward thinking the officials are at the LTFRB.


Robbed Twice in Cabs

Almost everyone has a story about a terrible story riding a taxi in the Philippines either about themselves or about someone they know.

Personally I’ve been held up/robbed twice while riding cabs. The first was really more stupidity on my part when a kid along Guadalupe suddenly opened the door (I left it unlocked) and grabbed my phone. The second one was when a man suddenly entered and thrust a knife towards me and asked for my bag (driver ran away and left me and the cab).

My wife and her colleague at work was also held at knifepoint while she was riding an FX. My sister also had a similar incident in a cab.

Ever since these incidents I’ve always been paranoid when riding taxis in the Philippines. I’ve resorted to even hiring a second driver just to make sure that my wife doesn’t have to commute when she goes to work.

Uber was Heaven Sent

I was beyond ecstatic when Uber finally launched in the Philippines. They’ve made a reputation worldwide for being safe, clean, and convenient — everything that most cabs aren’t here in the Philippines. I’m a loyal customer and I know a lot of my friends and co-workers also use Uber regularly.

That’s why it sucks that the LTFRB, who’s mandate is to protect and safeguard the people who commute and travel, are the ones shutting down the very service that made life so much better for us.

By shutting down Uber the LTFRB is sending out a signal to future technopreneurs and companies that we are a backward country. By going after Uber, the LTFRB is showing that they favor the taxi operators over the safety of Uber Pinoy customers.

I would like to ask LTFRB officials to reconsider their decision and to side with the people.

And oh hell yeah we will make a whole lot of noise about this. The Unbox team is already working on the paperwork that we will submit Senators, Congressmen, and various organizations (like the IMMAP and DCOM) next week asking them to look into the LTFRB’s decision. We’re doing this for safer commuting in the metro and to help shape the Philippines as a country that welcomes technology and progress.

The middle class have been screwed too much already. It’s time to fight back and we are more than willing to be the first ones on the beachhead, guns blazing.


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