Ophir Crypto is a Blockchain-based Donation Drive for Churches

Ophir Crypto is a Blockchain-based Donation Drive for Churches

Crypto may not be as hyped up as it used to be–especially when Axie Infinity was one of the most-talked play-to-earn games–people still find ways to make use of the blockchain for different applications. For a former pastor, he had the idea of using crypto to launch a donation drive for supporting Christian Churches. Sounds weird? Maybe.

Called Project Ophir Crypto, the platform is a donation drive that utilizes cryptocurrencies in helping support grassroots Christian churches in the Philippines and in other developing nations. The idea is the brainchild of Jon Blaylock, CEO of blockchain-based investment firm 3lock and a former pastor at Every Nation Ministries in the UK.

Ophir is described as a cryptocurrency that makes use of a “decentralized endowment token” and was created in partnership with GMAFEC (General Mariano Fellowship Of Evangelical Churches), an NGO based in Cavite, with the main goal of helping Christian Churches in the Philippines and other developing countries.

Part of its plans includes educating church leaders, members, and communities in understanding the potential of crypto for social and humanitarian programs. That’s pretty ambitious for a crypto project, but it’s nice to see these initiatives focused not on profit, but on helping those in need.

“Through the power of blockchain technology, galvanized communities can transcend barriers to financial inclusion, enabling access to the abundant resources that exist in our world,” Blaylock said in a statement.

Those interested can send donations through GMAFEC’s designated crypto wallet, where accepted cryptocurrencies include Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), Ether (ETH), Smooth Love Potion (SLP), Hex (HEX), or Texan (TEXAN). In return, they will receive Ophir tokens–which don’t have a monetary value for the meantime but acts as proof of donation.

Ophir is an interesting approach to crypto as a means of sending donations–and we’re curious how people will respond to this out-of-the-box approach.

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