Perfect Stuffing Stuffer For 12.12: PerySmith XP5 Extreme Cordless Vacuum

Perfect Stuffing Stuffer For 12.12: PerySmith XP5 Extreme Cordless Vacuum

Are you looking for a last-minute stocking stuffer for your favorite Tito/Tita? Need a powerful, affordable cordless vacuum to help you clean around the house? You should have the PerySmith XP5 Extreme in your cart for 12.12 then.

Shopee sent us one to test out around the house, and we gotta say, it definitely feels like a premium product despite its affordable price tag come 12.12. The packaging looks great, and the vacuum comes with a fair amount of accessories which includes an extension wand for hard to reach places like walls, a crevice tool to suck out dirt in the nooks and crannies of sofas, as well as floor brush attachment that swivels and rotates, which makes cleaning floors, carpets, and other surfaces incredibly easy.

The vacuum comes with a high-capacity, 22V lithium-ion battery that gives it up to 45 minutes of run time, so you have all the time in the world to thoroughly clean the rooms of your house.

The PerySmith XP5 uses a high-performance, AI inverter motor that has a speed of 76,000 RPM, which gives it the suction force needed to clean your home. Cleaning the vacuum couldn’t be easier either – a simple button press and a twist the dustbin releases for cleaning and maintenance. A separate button also releases the bottom of the bin so you can quickly dump out the contents to the trash once you’re done.

Despite its excellent suction power, the PerrySmith XP5 Extreme only produces 72dBA of noise, which is well within the acceptable noise range of a normal, hand-held vacuum cleaner.

What’s even better is the fact that the PerrySmith XP5 Extreme has a price of just Php 4,999 during Shopee’s 12.12 sale, making it an affordable stocking stuffer or a last-minute gift for your Tito/Tita friends or yourself.

You can grab the PerySmith XP5 Extreme from Shopee here.

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