“RIP Bondee” Trends On Social Media As Users Leave The App

“RIP Bondee” Trends On Social Media As Users Leave The App

Sometimes trends can pick up and become mainstays in the industry, but most of them crash and burn after some time in the spotlight. That’s exactly what’s happening right now as “RIP Bondee” is currently trending on social media. But what’s up with the social app that had generated a lot of buzz just a few weeks ago?

For those who live under a rock, Bondee is more or less a social media application that was dubbed as “the next Facebook.” Honestly, we even saw some Metaverse appeal in it. The premise is quite simple but effective. Each user has their own avatar which they can customize however they like – and these avatars can be dressed up and styled as representations of their real or idealized selves.

These avatars interact in a virtual 3D space wherein users can see their friends’ avatars, have their own perform activities alone or with their peers. Users usually have their avatars do whatever they’re doing in real life at the moment than add a witty tagline and an image from real-life. It’s an interesting combination of BeReal, Facebook, and Twitter all in one. Adding to the charm is the ability to personalize one’s own space in the form of a room, just like the Sims. Your friends can “come over” to chill and hang out.

With so much potential and absolutely no cost whatsoever, at least right now, we’ve looked into the app’s planned profit models. It appears that these will be coming from cryptocurriences that will also serve as in-app money that one can use to buy limited outfits, house decorations, and other things. The exact details can be found here.

Sadly, even before the app was able to monetize its amazing inflow of traffic, it lost quite a lot of steam. Enough, in fact, for “RIP Bondee” to trend on social media. There’s no real reason about it. Nothing catastrophic happened, there were no major flaws. The app, simply put, is just boring.

There isn’t much depth to justify using the app. You just look at your friend’s avatars and leave. Unless you’re planning to make it your primary messaging app, which every platform has nowadays, it just doesn’t have enough draw for people to actually want to use it.

Let’s compare it to another “trendy” application that came into popularity lately: BeReal. Unlike Bondee, it doesn’t have that level of customization, nor does it have any specialized 3D effects. However, its simplicity alongside a unique feature of not allowing users to see others’ activities until they’ve posted their own translates to a lack of “inactive” users just scrolling about. This way, it creates a heavily-involved user base that not only consumes content but also contributes in the most organic/authentic way possible.

That’s a testament that “simple” can sometimes also be the best. We have doubts that Bondee will just let their app “RIP” though. The team will surely be working overtime to prevent the boat from sinking and to bring their future plans to fruition. As such, we’re looking forward to seeing what the devs will bring to the table in order to entice people to stay.

If you’re curious about it though, then feel free to download it here.



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