Rumor Mill: Apple Might Just Release A 16-Inch iPad Next Year

Rumor Mill: Apple Might Just Release A 16-Inch iPad Next Year

As of now, the tablet space is staying relatively the same as years past. Some have said that innovation has slowed down due to people finding a perfect middle ground between screen size and portability. However, it appears that Apple is looking to push the envelope with a 16-inch iPad. What do we know so far?

The current timeline is projected to be during the final quarter of next year. It’s going to be targeted mainly for content creators and creative professionals who need a larger landscape to do their work. This means that the 16-inch Apple iPad will be the same as the Macbook Pro, but without the keyboard and other components.

People who have the Apple Pencil will also find this canvas to be a spacious one.

Some may see this as ridiculous, but it actually isn’t the largest consumer tablet out there; the 18.4-inch Samsung Galaxy View was released several years ago. It was also built for the same purposes, including being a productivity hub for corporate settings.

If this really pushes through, then we’re expecting the first generation to be a Pro model. That could include the all-new M3 chip, at least 16GB of RAM, and probably around 1-2TB of storage. If the device is going to be oversized, so do the specs.

We can see this large size coming to the regular iPad models eventually, but oversized regular models don’t do as well. Check out the iPhone 14 Plus oversupply situation, for example.

Either way, we’re excited to see a 16-inch Apple iPad hit the market; as well as its effects on its competing brands.



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