Sibol ESports Women’s Wild Rift Team Nails Gold At 2022 SEA Games

Sibol ESports Women’s Wild Rift Team Nails Gold At 2022 SEA Games

Sibol, the Philippines’ National ESports team, bagged its first gold in the Wild Rift Women’s event at the 2022 Vietnam SEA Games. This victory was the sweet reward that concluded an impressive showing for the team all throughout.

This national team was made up of members from the homegrown pro team GrindSky Eris. Our proud champions’ real names are are Giana Llanes, April Sotto, Angel Lozada, Christine Natividad, Rose Ann Robles, and Charize Doble.

The journey was not an easy one though. This remarkable group of individuals had to execute plays perfectly and bring their A-game to make it through the group stages with a 4-0 record.

The semi-finals against Thailand was a somewhat intense game since the Sibol Wild Rift Women’s team lost one but made up for it with three victories to seal their entrance into the gold medal match.

Much hype circulated the finals face-off between teams from the Philippines and Singapore. Despite the latter fighting back with mid-game strategies, strong starts and finishes by our local team allowed them to blitz 3-0 through the finals.

This is the first gold of the Sibol Esports team during this 2022 tournament. The Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) will be fighting for another gold tomorrow, with our other teams still in heated matches in an attempt to place as well. Best of luck to our dedicated participants!

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