Smart Announces They’ve Made The First “Pure 5G” Call In SEA

Smart Announces They’ve Made The First “Pure 5G” Call In SEA

Another step towards 5G

Smart has reached out and announced yet another milestone in their 5G journey, as the company has officially completed the first 5G standalone video call in Southeast Asia. The call was done in the company’s technolab and was conducted with their technology partners Nokia, and is notable since it was done purely on 5G, without relying on 4G/LTE which some 5G implementations require to successfully complete a call.

“This is the first 5G implementation which is completely standalone. We don’t need LTE for it. Most 5G implementations today actually need LTE – in fact, they’re actually only fast LTE. What we’re seeing here — this is the real 5G. For the first time, we are experiencing the true capabilities of 5G. For example, 5G’s real low latency can only be achieved in this configuration. This is just the first milestone to show what is possible,” said PLDT and Smart chief information and technical advisor Joachim Horn.

Smart and Nokia first explored 5G back in 2016, when they achieved speeds of 2.5 Gigabits per second (Gbps) using 100 MHz with latency of just 1 millisecond over a ‘live’ network—the first in the Philippines. The company is in the midst of testing and rolling out the technology in the Philippines, though right now we’re still not sure when the company will start the commercial rollout of the new network standard.

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