Smart Now Offers UNLI DATA Promo For Just 599 A Month

Smart Now Offers UNLI DATA Promo For Just 599 A Month

They’ve done it now. Much to the joy of power users around the country, Smart now offers an Unli Data promo (called Unli Data) which will lift surfing limits imposed on users. How does this differ from their previous offerings?

This new (or returning) promo is not to be confused with the Smart Unli 5G Data 599, which was a plan targeted towards those seeking 5G connectivity. That plan gave those who applied unlimited access to 5G data and networks. The catch was apparent when one left the vicinity of 5G range, where 4G LTE and lower networks are in use. Upon switching, the data was now limited to 12GB, which is not paltry by any means but still a far cry from “unlimited.”

The newly-released Smart Unli Data promo has “best for personal use” embedded in the marketing materials. As such, we can infer that there will be usage restrictions such as 4K streaming, or another bottleneck through some sort of speed-throttling Fair Use Policy. A small line makes mention of streaming up to HD quality, so 720p might be the limit at which Smart has toggled this promo. Despite all that, we’d never say no to unlimited surfing. 599 pesos for 30 days of non-stop surfing is a steal anyways, and 720p is still acceptable to most people.

UnliFam, on the other hand, is priced at PHP 999 and is meant to be shared with a larger group of people. Unlike the previous promo mentioned, UHD 4K streaming is enabled with this connection.

How does this compare to its competitors? Well, to put it simply, there are no Unli Data competitors as of the moment. Both Globe and DITO Telecom had similar promos in the past, but both aren’t currently active or usable. As such, Smart stands alone in providing this service. Besides that, they won Ookla’s fastest mobile internet provider for the year 2021. With high bandwidth and blazing speed, it appears that being on board with Smart is a no-brainer.

These promos are accessible via the Smart GigaLife App.


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  • Salik Petron , September 15, 2023

    Can I use this sim in my wifi modem?

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