Sony Reveals The PlayStation VR 2 For PS5

Sony Reveals The PlayStation VR 2 For PS5

As we step into 2022, Virtual Reality technology is starting to penetrate the mainstream. Whether it be for entertainment, social purposes (Metaverse, anyone?), or other purposes, VR headsets are finding themselves in more and more households. Sony isn’t about to be left behind as they announce a successor to their first headset almost 6 years ago – the Sony PlayStation VR 2.

According to the official blog, the PS VR 2 maximizes the exponentially-improved hardware specifications of the PS5. Players can now experience virtual reality in 4K HDR and frame rates of 90 or 120Hz.

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Unlike the previous generation headset, the PlayStation VR 2 has integrated camera tracking, eliminating the need for a camera from the outside to perceive your movements. It even checks where your eyes are looking, increasing possibilities for movement in-game. This could also increase movement accuracy as outside cameras tend to be more affected by environmental factors such as lighting.

To increase immersion, sensory features have been increased. These added features include much-improved headset feedback with a sensitive vibration motor that emulates what is projected to the player for added cinematic effect. The PS5 Tempest 3D AudioTech also provides a sense of space and distance which pushes you further into the digital space.

All this can be controlled through the all-new PlayStation VR 2 Sense controllers, which are also rumored to enhance the entire experience.

The PS VR 2 will be released with games like the Horizon Call of the Mountain and Firesprite.

We’re quite excited to see how this leap for VR technology influences the rest like Oculus and the HTC Vive.

Photo courtesy of the anime mentioned below

Considering the hit anime Sword Art Online was set in 2022 with the NerveGear headset which allowed for a full-dive experience, we’re looking forward to real-life technology hitting that point. Just imagine your consciousness shutting off and waking up in another body in a fantasy world. Word of advice though – just make sure you can log out.



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