The Dell KB900 Is World’s First ZOOM-CERTIFIED Keyboard

The Dell KB900 Is World’s First ZOOM-CERTIFIED Keyboard

We’re currently in Penang, Malaysia to test out Dell’s latest and greatest products. Among them is the Dell KB900, the world’s first Zoom-certified keyboard. Yes, it’s the application you use for video conferences. What does that even mean?

For starters, this Dell KB900 keyboard has dedicated buttons just for videocall controls. It lets you do things like unmute your microphone, toggle video on and off, share screen, and bring up the chat panel by pressing on the various icons. This allows a higher level of interaction with Zoom than ever before – maximizing the productivity of every conference.

It also has other standout features like Intelligent Illumination. Proximity sensors installed within the Dell KB900 keyboard tell your device if you, or anyone for that matter, is nearby. Coming within its range immediately prepares the keyboard for use by turning it on as well as triggering the backlight if it’s dark within your workspace.

The brand has also focused on an optimal typing experience by quieting down each keystroke without compromising on the type feel that gives you that sense of productivity.

Other notable features include Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, 15 programmable keys, a RF 2.4GHz mode, and adjustable tilt. The brand claims that putting the keyboard at the ideal angle can lead to a significant increase in productivity, which isn’t so far from the idea that we optimize our workspaces to become more ergonomic.


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