Twitter Users Can Now Pin Up to 6 DMs in Their Inbox

Twitter Users Can Now Pin Up to 6 DMs in Their Inbox

Twitter direct messages or DMs really aren’t any special and may even be at the bottom ranking of messaging platform options for the majority; Other social media platforms simply have better messaging features.

Twitter Users Can Now Pin Up to 6 DMs in Their Inbox

To make Twitter DMs more convenient, the social media platform has added a new feature that allows you to find DM conversations that you frequently message and chat with. Check out Twitter’s official announcement below:

With Twitter’s new feature, you can now pin up to six Twitter conversations to appear at the top of your inbox. All pinned messages will now be under “pinned conversations” while others will be placed under “all conversations”. This messaging feature update is available on iOS, Android, and Web.

Although we are unsure if the new messaging feature is related to the acquisition of Quill, a collaboration and communication-focused messaging app, by Twitter, this surely is an upgrade from the too basic Twitter direct messages.

In addition to this new feature, Twitter recently introduced two features on Twitter Blue: longer video uploads and NFT profile pictures. If you want to try them out now, you’ll have to subscribe to Twitter Blue, which costs $2.99 or Php 145 per month and varies depending on the country you’re located.


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