Un-bagged: Noemi Dado aka “Momblogger”

Un-bagged: Noemi Dado aka “Momblogger”

The one and only Noemi "Momblogger" Dado
The one and only Noemi “Momblogger” Dado

“Un-bagged” is a regular section here on Unbox where we feature the stuff inside the bags of Filipino professionals, tech enthusiasts and executives.

Noemi “Momblogger” Dado is a passionate blogger, mother, and advocate. She’s undoubtedly one of the most well-known and respected opinion leaders in the country. She got attention not just because she talks about issues online, but because she acts on them as well. A co-founder of Blog Watch, a political watchdog online group, she’s led the team in interviewing almost all the presidential candidates in 2010 and she was even invited to the inauguration of President Noynoy Aquino in Malacanang. As an advocate she pushed for the passage of the RH bill and opposed controversial measures like the Cybercrime Law, DAP, and Pork Barrel.

We reached out to Noemi to share with us what gadgets she usually brings with her during her coverages. You guys will be surprised on how techie she is!

Noemi with her bag
Noemi with her bag
Gadgets in her bag
Gadgets in her bag

(Explanations on what the gadgets are and how they’re used are written by Noemi)

  • Macbook Air 2013 edition– I love how I don’t need to bring my charger when I am mobile. The lightness is also a plus factor.
  • Nokia Lumia 920– My favourite phone next to the iPhone. I love how the camera takes good photos in low light conditions.
  • Iphone 5– I still like the iPhone among all the smartphones because of the touch keypad.
  • Huwaei modem – this is a temporary modem. I lost my Huwaei LTE modem.
  • Pink A4 Tech HD webcam– useful for live streaming but I don’t know if I can use this now if Globe subscribers get a cap for their data usage
  • Pink Canon Powershot sx 210 – The zoom lens is useful when I can’t get near my subject.
  • Purple Xmini speaker – A backup speaker is needed when a venue fails to provide a speaker for my presentation.
  • Apacer 40GB thumb drive – Though I have a 1 terabyte disk drive, I prefer this since it is much lighter to carry around.
  • Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset– I love how I can say “answer” or “ignore”.
  • FREETALK Handsfree headset – for Skype calls or audio recording
  • Cables for my Lumia, and Iphone 5 – I need these around to charge my phones
  • Newonline 7800 maH power bank – WHo doesn’t need this?
  • VGA adaptor – for keynote presentations
  • Fossil Burgandy Leather XL Organizer Tote Briefcase Travel Laptop Case Bag Attaché – I love how classy this bag looks like. It also had many pockets that organises the cables, small gadgets , and cellphones. It cost me $200 in 2008 and still looks good today.
Noemi's trusty iPhone 5!
Noemi’s trusty iPhone 5!


Thank you Noemi for sharing what’s inside your gadget bag with us! Guys, Noemi also does speaking engagements and consultancy services. If you want to contact her, click here.

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