Un-bagged: Noemi Momblogger Dado and Jane Uymatiao

Un-bagged: Noemi Momblogger Dado and Jane Uymatiao

Blogwatch’s Noemi and Jane share what gadgets they have in their bags

Un-bagged: Noemi “Momblogger” Dado and Jane Uymatiao!

“Un-bagged” is a regular section here on Unbox where we feature the stuff inside the bags of celebrities, bloggers, professionals, and executives.

Blogwatch, a volunteer citizen election watchdog movement composed of several bloggers, started in 2010. They were able to interview almost all the presidential candidates and made a distinct mark in how normal Filipinos can do citizen journalism without the help of major TV networks. We had a chat with two of the founders, Noemi “Momblogger” Dado and Jane Uymatiao, and asked them if we could feature them here on our Un-bagged section. Both ladies graciously accepted our invitation.

Guys… get ready because the gear these ladies are packing will blow most of you away. First up we have Noemi “Momblogger” Dado.

The Bag

Nine West Leather Laptop Bag

This might look like a normal shoulder bag but it’s actually a leather laptop bag from Nine West! It has several compartments inside including a padded envelope that can fit up to 13-inch laptops. Amazing right? You’d never think this was a laptop bag. Noemi was able to get this bag four years ago for US$200 or roughly Php8,500-Php9,000.

The Gear

Galaxy Note, Galaxy S3, Power Bank portable charger, 11-inch MacBook Air, 1-TB external harddrive, and an extension chord.

Noemi’s primary devices are her smartphones, the Galaxy S3 and the Note. The 1-TB drive is there as additional storage for her MacBook Air. The Power Bank has a 5,000mAh battery that can serve as a back-up for her two phones. Lastly the extension chord is for instances wherein she needs to do blogging while on the go and there are limited outlets.

Item List:

1. Samsung Galaxy S3 with the Samsung Flip Cover
2. Samsung Galaxy Note
3. MacBook Air
4. Power Bank
5. Extension Chord
6. 1-TB Hard Drive (we couldn’t figure out the brand, lol)

Noemi explained to us that she doesn’t need her iPad anymore since she can do most of the stuff she does with the iPad on her smartphones or on her MacBook Air.

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Next up we have Jane “Philippine Beat” Uymatiao!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to ask Jane about her bag so we’ll have to skip that part. It looks really expensive though, lol. So what’s inside? Well apparently she and Noemi carry a lot of common gadgets!

Galaxy S3, Urbanears Bagis, Samsung Galaxy Note, MacBook Unibody, MiLi Power Star, SUN USB Hub, Apple Wired Mouse

Jane also relies on her Samsung power combo, the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note. For listening to music and making calls she uses the Urbanears Bagis. When her mobile devices start running out of power she whips out her MiLi Power Star (one of my personal favorites as well).

1. Samsung Galaxy S3 with the Samsung Flip Cover
2. Samsung Galaxy Note with a red Capdase case
3. Urbanears Bagis
4. MiLi Power Star
5. MacBook Unibody
6. SUN USB Hub
7. Apple Wired Mouse

Jane mentioned that she used to carry around a Canon digital camera but with the advent of great cameras on smartphones she usually ends up leaving it at home.

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Thanks to Noemi and Jane for accepting our invitation to get featured here on Unbox. I think Jane described them both the best. She told me they were both 3G. Gadget Golden Girls. Win! 🙂

Photos by Michelle Orosa-Ople

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