Why The Honda Civic RS Is Just AWESOME For The Philippines

Why The Honda Civic RS Is Just AWESOME For The Philippines

In the latter part of last year, we spent some time with the range-topping Honda Civic RS. We had heard quite a lot of good things about it, but we still wanted to remain as objective as possible. Nonetheless, we were so impressed that we made sure to properly settle down and put our thoughts into comprehensible words. Here’s what we have to say about the Honda Civic RS and why owning one would be a dream in the Philippines.

It’s A Treat To Look At

One thing’s for sure, the FE-generation Honda Civic RS is a looker. It may take some people to get used to the all-new front end, us included, but seeing it in person was truly different from just witnessing it through the photos. In its base form, it’s a far cry from the wild styling cues we saw on the outgoing FK-generation Civics. We favor the cleaner lines here better – despite the fact that it’s been tamed down a bit, it’s still far from pedestrian.

This specific RS model we have here has some additions that add some spice to its exterior. The black door handles and 18-inch RS alloy wheels contrast well with its Platinum White Pearl colorway. Having a two-tone exterior in black-and-white is a proper mix of elegance and sportiness.

These styling elements also make it onto the rear where an RS design spoiler and shark fin antenna make themselves present. It’s a nice touch that adds aggression to the overall shape of this vehicle. And we haven’t mentioned the twin exhaust pipes yet, then they’re there in full view. No fake piping here, that’s all real!

Just a side note though: the Honda Civic RS we had is a little low for roads in the Philippines. This might not be a factor for those of us who’re used to lowered cars, but some mindfulness is required to prevent scraping its chin or bottom on any elevated surfaces.

Grown-Up, Elegant Cabin

If you showed us this interior even 5 years ago, we would have mistaken it for the next-generation Accord. That’s how upscale everything feels inside.

Gone are the quirky, stand-out elements from before. But it’s still an interesting place to be in. Everything feels continuous, sleek, and modern. For example, the A/C vents flow all the way from the center to the passenger’s side of the interior. A metallic honeycomb pattern covers the entire system, oozing a premium vibe. Even the conventional vent controls have been replaced by a knob-type system that’s nice to the touch. Everything gives off IKEA vibes if we’re being completely honest. And that’s not a bad thing in the least!

Speaking of A/C, easily one of our favorite features on the interior is the reassuring click you get when you switch up the fan settings. Those tactile controls are heavenly and have a heft that makes it feel like the furthest thing from a toy.

Besides that, the steering wheel feels awesome in the hand. It’s just the right amount of meaty but still has some sort of performance feel to it. The gauges are also digital, substituting the former rev-centric design for a more conventional speedometer. Images also show connected devices, seatbelt usage within the cabin, and a bevy of other useful information.

More or less, anything that comes into contact with your skin in this car feels like it’s been well-thought-out.

Comfortable Cruising

When you take a seat, things don’t get much better than this. The upholstery is a mix of suede and leather. Yes, you may have your apprehensions about the material’s thermal properties on sunny days, but the plushness of it all makes up for anything else. When combined with the delightful suspension settings out of the factory, it’s just impressive.

The 9-inch Advanced Touchscreen Display found here doesn’t feel like an afterthought. The quality and responsiveness of the panel can be compared to consumer tablets out there, which is a big thing to say from us tech nerds. It comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, although wireless functionality is only supported on the latter.

Another small bummer on the tech side is the small wireless charging port. We appreciate the fact that one was installed on the vehicle, but it failed to fit our oversized smartphone. Otherwise, we’re sure it would fit any average phone out there.

Anyways, let’s not forget to mention the Bose twelve-speaker Sound System found in the vehicle. When paired with the relatively low NVH levels in the vehicle, the sounds exiting the speakers are just sublime. We didn’t mind being stuck in traffic because it meant being able to listen to more songs on these speakers. It might be one of, if not the best automotive audio systems in the segment.

Passengers in the backseat don’t have anything to complain about because they’re treated to the same supple accommodations. They also receive their own A/C vents, which blow cool air on a hot summer day. One minor improvement we could suggest is the addition of a USB port for backseat passengers, but the presence of two in the center console already leaves some leeway for third-party charging solutions.

Fantastic Driving Fun

Oh boy. If we told you that we never smiled while driving this Honda Civic RS on backroads in the Philippines, we’d be lying through our teeth. This is a captivating vehicle to commandeer. It comes outfitted with a 1.5-liter turbocharged VTEC engine outputting 176 HP and 240Nm of torque. Sure, it’s not a tower of power compared to today’s performance cars such as the Civic FL5 Type R, or even compared to its predecessor.

However, the compliance of the chassis was enough to put a grin on our faces. It’s obvious that there’s sporting pedigree somewhere here. It gets going at an energetic pace, steers accurately, turns well, and stops on a dime. What else could you possibly ask for from a comfortable daily driver?

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, the Drive Mode switch makes itself available for toggling. You can select between three modes: ECO, NORMAL, and the RS-exclusive SPORT. On the highways we ran it in the most economical setting and averaged a total of around 19-20 km/l. That’s a bit less than the 21.43 km/l Honda likes to advertise from AAP testing, but we also ran through some expressway traffic. And we weren’t babying the car either.

In city traffic, we averaged about 11km/l in consistent SPORT mode. That’s still more than enough for us, especially for a vehicle of this caliber. We never felt like we were compromising anything.

When it comes to the CVT, it was one of the best we’ve handled. Sure, there can be a bit of a delay sometimes, but it was not enough to diminish the overall experience that this Civic RS was able to offer.

Confidently Safe

Let’s admit it: Manila, alongside a lot of other metropolitan portions in the Philippines, is an urban jungle for drivers. Quite a lot happens on our roads which is why assists can come in handy. The Honda Civic RS has just what we need for the Philippines: HONDA SENSING.

We’re not the types to list down everything from the brochure, but here’s an idea of what that safety system includes: Adaptive Cruise Control, Low Speed Follow, Collision Mitigation Braking System, Lane Keep Assist, Road Departure Mitigation, Lane Departure Warning, Auto High Beam, and Lead Car Departure Notification. That’s a lot to say under one breath.

With the vehicle’s modern electronics keeping you in check, you can be assured that these assists will make your everyday drives a lot easier. Especially for longer journeys out-of-town.

On the other hand, more direct safety features are ABS, Electric Brake Assist, Vehicle Stability Assist,  Hill Start Assist, Emergency Stop Signal, among others. There are also an abundance of airbags here: Dual SRS, Side, and Side Curtain. These should provide an ample amount of protection in the event of a collision.

If something goes awry on the road, open up the spacious 430-litre trunk and you’ll find an extra emergency tire here. Yes, an actual tire, and not just a stressful repair kit. Win!

2023 Honda Civic RS Price Philippines

The Honda Civic RS we tried out is the top-of-the-line model which retails for a chunky PHP 1.775M. The base model starts out at PHP 1.368M which is considerably lower, but we do believe the RS model to be well worth the asking price.

Its overall lack of weaknesses make it an enticing all-around package that we would love to use on a daily basis. Other than that, it could be both your “daily” car and your “porma” car because it just looks that good.













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