After 8 Years, The Fanmade HD Remaster Of Resident Evil 4 Is Complete

After 8 Years, The Fanmade HD Remaster Of Resident Evil 4 Is Complete

The game Resident Evil 4 is one of the most popular games in the franchise, with countless fans asking for a remaster. Well, a fan named Albert Marin and his team took matters into their own hands. After an arduous process spanning 8 years, they’ve finally completed the overhaul.

This wasn’t just your basic upscaled resolution and shaders of the existing game. Based on his interview with the Verge, many objects required a complete redesign in order to pass 2022 standards. The official 2014 remaster was good, but nothing to write home about – so he wanted to make something that was.

To achieve the desired effect, the team went as far as taking high-resolution images of real-life objects and textures to bring them to life within the game. These aren’t just limited to the bigger picture, but also minute details like cups, pipes in sewage, and other items. The attention to detail is insane, and you can look at their progress on the official site.

When you consider that their team is composed of a few but very talented people, you can’t help but appreciate the effort put into this Resident Evil 4 remaster. Marin mentioned that his favorite sectors of the game were the castle scenes because he personally took the pictures for the project during his trip to Spain and other European destinations.

He then assures the people that the project is going to be free for everyone, since it’s also a passion project for him and his team. However, the team is accepting donations. Here is the trailer since we can’t get enough of it:


Some are concerned that all this effort may go to waste if Capcom decides to release an official remake of the Resident Evil 4 game, just like they did for the earlier ones. However, Marin states that playing the original and the remake are still different experiences that can coexist and succeed together. There may even be revisions to the story, as the game’s writer Shinji Mikami admits that he knows improvements can still be made to his version. He further explains that these lapses are due to the fact that he only had three weeks to write RE4 in its entirety.


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