Study Proves Kids Playing GTA V Don’t Turn Them Into Homicidal Maniacs

Study Proves Kids Playing GTA V Don’t Turn Them Into Homicidal Maniacs

Before you become worried that playing violent video games like GTA V might lead to increased aggression, a new study shows that there’s no correlation between the two.

This has been revealed in a 10-year study by Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, where they explain that 13-year old players who spent several hours on GTA V (aka Grand Theft Auto V) didn’t show any increase in aggression compared to those who spent little time (or did not play) the game. The whole study was conducted for a decade, and this should break the myth that people become more aggressive due to playing violent games.

Instead of having a more aggressive behavior, the study revealed that kids and teens use video games as their coping mechanism for addressing their mental health issues.

“Previous researchers have shown that playing video games as a coping mechanism or distraction from mental health problems may be effective, although these studies have failed to consider the content of video games played,” the study said.

While the study should dispel some myths associated with playing video games, it also adds that increased aggression in children cannot be attributed to video games alone–but to several external factors as well.

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