iflix Goes Local; Partners with GMA 7

iflix Goes Local; Partners with GMA 7

 iflix Amaya

There’s finally local content for iflix in the PH!

We’ve been pretty excited for Internet TV service, iflix, ever since we heard that they were entering the market. The promise of having access to hours upon hours of TV shows and movies was definitely a godsend in a region that has gone unnoticed with such a service. They have been adding more and more to their library ever since they launched in May to make sure they provide their subscribers with more reasons to come back by partnering up with studios. It was only a matter of time ‘till they went local and this week, they’ve just announced a partnership with local TV network, GMA 7.


The partnership between iflix and GMA 7 will introduce some of the popular shows the network has, such as: My Husband’s Lover, Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real, and Amaya, along with some of GMA’s News documentaries. We can also expect iflix to add some of the notable films from the network like: Jose Rizal and Muro Ami, plus a bevy of recent titles as well.


This collaboration, GMA will also be able to offer iflix subscribers Catch Up TV, a concept that is the first of its kind in the region. Catch Up TV will soon be able to give subscribers the ability to watch new episodes of shows they watch seven days after it has been aired locally.


“Our partnership with GMA is key in our commitment to providing our members with the best in local and international entertainment. The addition of GMA content is a testament to that promise in delivering the best in Philippine content to our members across the Southeast Asian region.” SherwinDela Cruz, iflix Philippines Country Manager. The partnership between iflix and GMA 7 is incredible news for subscribers and is a clear cut sign of the company’s dedication to bring even more content to the people who choose to spend some of their hard earned money towards their subscription fee. This leaves us wondering what else iflix has in store in the future. Perhaps now that they’re partnered with GMA 7, we could recommend that they compile and stream all the #Aldub episodes on EatBulaga. Wouldn’t that be a laugh and a half?

If you guys haven’t checked out iflix, head on over to their site, www.iflix.com, to get a FREE 30-day trial.

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