Viral Fridays: Man Dies From Heart Attack After Catching Pokemon Go’s Lapras

Viral Fridays: Man Dies From Heart Attack After Catching Pokemon Go’s Lapras

Welcome to another edition of Unbox’s “Viral Fridays” where we feature weirder than usual tech and geek related news to cap out the week.

AsiaOne, a Singaporean online news portal, reported on Wednesday the death of a 67-year-old Pokemon Go trainer, who suffered a heart attack after catching a rare monster in the game.

According to a statement issued by the Singapore Civil Defense Force, at 5:30 pm on February 26, paramedics brought a man to the Singapore General Hospital. The man died shortly after admission.

GPS and in-game data on the man’s smartphone revealed that he was at the Marina Bay Sands, playing Pokemon Go and that he had managed to snag a super rare Lapras, as well as a second-gen Granbull, shortly before the heart attack. The retiree was considered to be a Pokemon Go veteran, having caught over 200 kinds of Pokemon, with a level of 28.

A near perfect IV Lapras specimen. Not the one mentioned in the article.

The Pokemon Go trainer’s wife said that her husband was a regular at the area ever since Pokemon Go launched in Singapore. On that fateful day, the family met for a meal to celebrate a member’s birthday. After the meal, the trainer went home for a bit, then headed off to Marina Bay Sands to play Pokemon Go.

The wife recalled to the reporters: “There was a sudden call from the hospital after 6 pm. They told us to come see him one last time. At that moment, I knew things were bad.” She also told the press that her husband had a history of cardiac disease.

Photo courtesy of: STOMP

Rest in peace, fellow Pokemon trainer from Singapore. May you have all the Laprases in the Pokemon nirvana that you’ve transcended to now.

Source: Metro UK, AsiaOne

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