Chelsi Leathershop’s Wegeline Vertical Laptop Bag

Chelsi Leathershop’s Wegeline Vertical Laptop Bag

Chelsi Leathershop Wegeline Satchel

Wegeline Vertical Laptop Bag

The Wegeline Satchel is from the Crazy Horse Collection of Chelsi Leathershop, a company that sells made-to-order quality leather products in a variety of styles. According to their Facebook Page they only sell limited quantities of their products so there’s a strong chance that you won’t bump into other people with the same bag as you.

While it might not have a bunch of compartments and pockets like Crumpler bags, the Wegeline still has massive appeal mainly due to the high quality material and the classic design. You can’t get any more manlier than this. It’s literally a man’s man’s bag. Note the double “man”, hehe.

Overflowing with testosterone. Indiana Jones would probably wear this.
Photo of the back

The main compartment can easily fit 13-14 inch laptops and you can probably slide in other stuff there like the charger, a notebook, and other mobile gadgets but it might be a mess to do so. Suggest you guys get one of those bag organizers so that everything is stored and sorted out properly.

The Wegeline sells for Php4,000. Prices change though given the actual dimensions so it’s best that you just contact the company directly and ask for a quote. If you want to order one just leave a message on the Facebook Page of Chelsi Leathershop.

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