Jeepney Operators appeal for “Surge Pricing” Fare Adjustment

Jeepney Operators appeal for “Surge Pricing” Fare Adjustment

Yes, you read that right

In light of rising oil prices and basic commodities, it does not come as a surprise that all forms of transportation will implement fare hikes. While we rant about Grab’s exorbitant fares, prepare to brace for more bad news: According to a report by Inquirer, a group of jeepney drivers appeal for a Php 1 “surge pricing” adjustment during peak hours, on top of the proposed Php 2 fare hike.

While it may sound insane for jeeps to appeal for such hike, the group states that the Php 8 base fare (for the first four kilometers) is not sustainable due to 1) rising oil prices, and 2) jeeps shifting to Euro-4 compliant engines. Before you go beast mode with this news, do note that the appeal applies only to jeeps under the modernization program. 

“There’s a need [to adjust] the fares during rush hour because you have to consider heavy traffic, which also takes its toll on both the driver and the engine,” Atty. Vigor Mendoza, the lawyer representing the group of 22 jeepney drivers, said.

In addition, the appeal needs to undergo consultation with National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) before it gets approved.

The idea of surge pricing is not new though: Back in 2016, transport group Kilusan sa Pagbabago ng Industriya ng Transportasyon (KAPIT) sought for a similar fee for brand new jeepneys. A year later, two transport groups in Cebu also filed a petition for a Php 1.50 hike to compensate for heavy traffic.



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