5 Ways Moms Can Maximize their Huawei P40

Here’s how moms can enjoy their P40 

Moms are the masters of multi-tasking, a task made harder by today’s trying times. Trying to juggle both work and home life during a pandemic is a monumental feat, and takes a massive amount of effort, patience, and sheer force of will. Tech tools to help moms during these times are obviously important, and none are as important as capable flagship phone like the Huawei P40 and P40 Pro.  

Huawei’s new flagships offer the perfect balance of stylish looks and powerful internals, and together with AppGallery, makes the lives of mothers the world over easier thanks to these 5 tools:  

For productivity – WPS Office, Microsoft Office  

The modern mom knows how to multitask like a boss, and using the right productivity apps is half the battle. With Huawei’s AppGallery, moms can stay productive right on their phone thanks to either WPS Office or Microsoft Office. Choosing the latter over the former is recommended for people who have an active Microsoft 365 subscription since they can access their Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files easily through various devices.  

To maximize productivity, the P40’s Multi-Screen collaboration lets you view your phone’s screen seamlessly on your laptop, giving you added screen estate for moms to get those reports done like a pro. 

For beauty product needs – Watsons Ph, BeautyMNL  

Moms know the importance of sticking to their beauty regimen even during the pandemic, and several apps available via AppGallery allow them to stock up on essentials without leaving the house. Apps like Watsons Ph and BeautyMNL are the best options mother have for ordering their beauty needs through their phones, without ever needing to step out of the house. 

 For binge-watching – iWantViu  

There’s nothing better than relaxing to your favorite show at the end of the day, that’s also true for moms and their KDramas. Speaking of, Viu has a good lineup of KDrama shows and Asian movies like Parasite, while iWant has diverse local content ranging from teleserye (Got to Believe and On the Wings of Love, to name a few) to original web shows.  

Need a good meal for those binge-watching sessions? No worries, as FoodPanda and Grab are your top choices for food deliveries. 

For reading – DreameWattPad  

If moms get tired of binging on KDramas, they can always fire up e-reading apps like Dreame and Wattpad to cap off a tiring day. Interestingly enough, Wattpad can also be used to publish their own short stories, so if your mom is creatively inclined, she can put her thoughts on screen and who knows – she just might have a gift for writing. 

For casual relaxation – Cut the Rope 2, Adorable Home  

AppGallery also has quite a bit of casual games in its roster, titles that include Clash of Clans and Fortnite, as well as Adorable Home for those times you just want to relax building your own dream pad. Regardless of how demanding the game may be, the P40 can handle it with gusto with its Kirin 990 processor and Huawei’s GPU turbo software tech.  

The processor’s modern 7nm process also means it can handle the most power-hungry games efficiently, letting moms enjoy their games without rushing to the nearest outlet for a battery top up. 

If your favorite app is not in App Gallery, you can download AppGo. This app lets you search for the best place to securely download apps that are not yet available in App Gallery. With these apps (and more), mothers will enjoy all of what the P40 has to offer beyond its stellar cameras and powerful internals. 

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