BPI Foundation’s “Pag-sibol” Aims For Long-term Food Security For Marginalized Communities

by Unbox Staff  September 16, 2020

The pandemic really has thrown a wrench in a lot of things, including efforts to alleviate the Philippines ‘ hunger problem. The country already wasn’t doing great according to the 2019 Global Hunger Index where we ranked 70th out of 117 countries. That was before the pandemic – COVID-19 has made everything considerably worse, with many marginalized communities suffering greatly during the pandemic.

The BPI Foundation, the social responsibility arm of the Bank of the Philippine Islands in partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines (WWF-Philippines), launched “Pagsibol” (growth) a fund-raising campaign geared towards long-term food security as part of BPI’s 169th-anniversary celebration in August.

BPI’s “Pag-sibol” campaign aims to address the hunger problem through a long-term food security program for low-income communities. BPI partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines (WWF-Philippines) was in order to build climate-resilient food production facilities.

WWF-Philippines is an organization that works in the conservation and preservation of the environment and the improvement of Filipino lives by crafting solutions to climate change. BPI sought out a fitting partner for this program as WWF is known for providing sustainable livelihood programs, and protecting the country’s richest marine and land habitats.

BPI Foundation Executive Director Owen Cammayo and WWF-Philippines Executive Director Joel Palma met virtually to sign the agreement that will help ensure food security in the country.

“In these trying times, our low-income communities need our support now more than ever. At BPI Foundation, we would like to grow seeds of change through this food security initiative. Our goal here is to extend assistance to our fellow Filipinos in need by providing sustainable foodsheds, or climate-resilient food production facilities,” said BPI Foundation Executive Director Owen Cammayo.

BPI invites partners to donate to this program as donations raised from the campaign will be used for the development of sustainable foodsheds, or climate-resilient food production facilities, to provide immediate access to safe, sufficient, and nutritious food for hundreds of families all over the country

The “Pagsibol” Fundraising Campaign will run until October 26, 2020. To support this fundraising campaign, you may course your donations directly here.

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