SMC Wants To Operate Bus Rapid Transit System On Skyway Extension

Now that the Skyway Extension project developed by the San Miguel Corporation is slowly coming to life, CEO Ramon Ang has yet again stated another possible transportation solution for the Filipinos in the form of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System.

A Bus Rapid Transport System Is In The Making

It was revealed that plans for the BRT system were already in discussion way back 2017. This system would enable official buses to take passengers from one station to another at fixed timing intervals, using the elevated Skyway as their route.

“We’re very excited to start discussions on this. The most important thing is that the platform is already here — the completed elevated Skyway system — and this BRT or high-capacity P2P (point-to-point) bus system will make commutes faster and better for many Filipinos,” Mr. Ramon Ang, SMC CEO said.

The SMC group is planning to have the BRT system covering Susana Heights in Muntinlupa to Balintawak towards the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX).

Of course, this would all be dependent on the approval of the Department of Transportation (DOTr), to which Ang already has plans to present the idea to.

“Our need for efficient transport systems will always be there, so more solutions are required. The Skyway BRT system is one viable solution that is also highly scalable. While we are looking to implement this on the Skyway system from Susana Heights to Balintawak, in the future, we can also implement this for our other new projects, in order to expand the area of coverage. Our expressways are really designed not just for motorists, but also to serve as a platform for efficient and sustainable mass transportation,” he added.

While the Skyway project is mainly designed to decongest traffic zones, such as EDSA and C-5, using the skyway through the presence of the BRT System would enable more Filipinos who do not own private vehicles to benefit just as much from the new expressway.

We are hoping that this planned Bus Rapid Transit System would be able to push through in the future. This is exciting news for all Filipino commuters, yeah?

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