Epson PaperLab: A Revolutionary Paper Recycle Machine

by Jal Cutaran  September 9, 2021

At the rate our climate is changing right now, every company should make it a mission to lower their carbon footprint as much as possible. This however is not as easy as it sounds, and so it makes us happy when a company does whatever it takes to lower its environmental impact. Such is the case of Epson, they moved to a place where they can offer more sustainable choices to its customers, and they also introduced the revolutionary Epson PaperLab.

Epson’s new SEA headquarters at Alexandra TechnoPark, Singapore will enable the company to provide its partners and customers across the region with products and solutions that are good for both business and the environment. They also introduced the Epson PaperLab which they consider as a key milestone in their journey to promote a circular economy. With the Epson PaperLab, businesses can reduce environmental impact by simply recycling used paper in a revolutionary way.

Epson PaperLab: A Revolutionary Paper Recycle MachineThe office-based papermaking system uses Epson’s unique Dry Fiber Technology. Meaning, it does not use water during the process of recycling papers, unlike traditional paper recycling methods. It also destroys confidential documents securely during the 3-stage process of defibrating, binding, and forming. Moreover, the PaperLab can also upcycle and give additional value to the new paper by customizing the output in terms of thickness, size, and color. 

A product like this would be very beneficial in a country like the Philippines, where waste is not managed properly and carbon emission is ever increasing. As of now, we would have to wait as it will be available in Singapore first, then it will have its subsequent launch in other Southeast Asian countries including the Philippines.

“In the current pandemic and with the growing preference for products that are better for the environment, we will focus on collaborating with our stakeholders to drive sustainability through our products and solutions,” said Tomoki Ueyama, President and Director of Epson Philippines Corporation.

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    I don’t know how well it will sell, but Epson is doing some cool stuff with printing/copying. I think there is at least one other article posted here before.