Essential Items You Should Have in the Car This Pandemic

by Jal Cutaran  October 7, 2021

Yes, we know. This list is pretty simple and obvious. However, we still really want to remind all of you guys to have these things at arm’s reach especially when you’re traveling outside these days. Times have changed and you need to be aware of the essential items you should always have in the car this pandemic.

  • Sanitary Kit
  • Snacks & Drinks
  • Necessary Documents

Sanitary Kit

Essential Items You Should Have In the Car This Pandemic

First up is the sanitary kit. Your kit should contain at least the following: alcohol, extra face masks, extra face shields, tissues, and wet wipes.

Alcohol is essential for spraying your hands and even the surfaces of the things you brought with you while you were outside. However, it is important to note that if you do decide to leave alcohol inside the car, always make sure that it will not be exposed to the sun as this will cause explosions, which could be very dangerous. Extra face masks and face shields are also of utmost importance as these are mandatory when going to different establishments outside. Tissues and wet wipes are typically stored for emergencies when you have to run to the washroom. However, these are very handy to have during this pandemic to wipe your items, such as phones, that we can’t avoid but use outside.

Essential Items You Should Have In the Car This Pandemic

Snacks & Drinks

The pandemic has made eating out become such a chore, which is why most people opt for take outs and dining at home. However, being out on the road can be quite tiresome. Bringing light snacks, such as biscuits can help ease hunger while driving. A tip for people who do not like bringing food inside the car is to bring snacks that are individually packed. You can also bring soft snacks, such as muffins instead of crunchy snacks like chips to avoid food debris to spread all over the car.

Of course with snacks come water. Really though, bringing water is important because hydrating ourselves is one way of keeping our bodies healthier and stronger. This is obviously something we would need and want during a pandemic, when anyone could easily catch the virus.

Essential Items You Should Have In the Car This Pandemic

Necessary Documents

If required, do not forget to bring your quarantine pass, APOR certification, or travel pass. This is to avoid being stopped in checkpoints and to be able to travel as smoothly as possible.

We hope that this list of essential items to bring with you in the car will help you experience a more comfortable and safer way of traveling during the pandemic, be it a short errand trip or a long adventurous road trip.

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