Indonesian Student Earns Php 51 Million From Selfie NFTs

by Duey Guison  January 19, 2022

How creative can one be when it comes to minting NFTs? For Indonesian student Ghozali Ghozalu, his idea of NFTs involves various selfies he took every day for 4 years (from 2017 to 2021).

The NFT collection, which is called Ghozali Everyday, consists of around 933 of his selfies that he took while standing in front of the computer. We don’t know if there was a market for selfies of an unknown personality–Ghozali started selling them at 0.001 Eth or around Php 167, but a marketing and virality push made the floor price of these selfies balloon to 0.9 Eth (or around Php 150.8k), translating to around a 900x increase from its original value.

While there’s going to be a debate on the value of Ghozali’s selfies, the NFTs of the Indonesian student does serve as part of a growing number of examples of how NFTs can be defined–and that it does not necessarily need to be quality art for an item to be defined as an NFT.

At most, Ghozali’s selfie collection may be part of the growing number of meme NFTs ballooning in price, but there’s no denying that NFTs open up a whole lot of new possibilities to anyone.

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