LTO Extends Validity of Motor Vehicle Registrations and Driver’s Licenses

by Jal Cutaran  December 24, 2021

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has once again extended the validity of driver’s licenses, conductor’s permits, and student permits, as well as the validity of motor vehicle registration in certain regions.

LTO Extends Validity of Motor Vehicles and Driver's Licenses

Those with expiring licenses or motor vehicle registrations are in for a Christmas treat from LTO as they have further extended the deadlines.

All driver’s licenses, student permits, and medical certificates nationwide with expiration starting October 2021 will have validity up to February 28, 2022. The LTO further extended the validity from December this year to February next year, without incurring any penalty or charges.

Moreover, for regions 48 (MIMAROPA), 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, and 15 (CARAGA), all motor vehicles with plates ending in zero (0) will have extended registration validity until January 31, 2022. No collection of surcharges and/or penalty will incur.

The said extension on both motor vehicle registration and licenses are due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions nationwide and damages brought by the recent typhoon Odette in certain regions.

However, for the purpose of complying with ATF requirements on physical distancing, the middle digit of plate numbers will still be considered to determine which week of the month you should register — 1st week for plates with numbers 1,2, or 3 in the middle, 2nd week for 4,5, or 6, 3rd week for 7 or 8, and 4th week for 9 or 0.

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    Our SUV plate number ending in 9 was expired on Sept 2019 but due to COVID 19 pandemic I haven’t renew the registration up to now after so many extension period given by LTO. This includes lack of extra money due to loss of work. When is the best time I can renew my motor vehicle registration without fear of being penalised. Also what are the consequences of driving a motor vehicle with expired registration? Please reply soon.


    Just wanna ask this temporary plate number 1303-0378017 is it really scheduled for renewal of it’s OR / CR? It is was Mr. Richard Almonte registered as the owner and sold it to another person then pass on me that i bought it as the 3rd owner last August 24, 2021 with my son-in-law.