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Converge Leads in Netlix ISP Speed Index for December 2020

Internet provider Converge takes the lead at ISP Speed Index of Netflix for December 2020. The said Index measures prime time Netflix performance on specific internet providers across the globe. For the Philippines, internet providers tested for the Index include Converge, PLDT, Globe, SkyCable, and Royal Cable.

For its December 2020 report, Converge takes the lead with a 3.4Mbps speed, followed by PLDT and Globe, who are tied in second place with 3.2Mbps. SkyCable and Royale Cable takes 3rd and 4th spot with 3Mbps and 2.6Mbps respectively.

Netflix’s ISP Speed Index is an important benchmark as a good online stream is not just limited to internet speeds: other factors like latency, jitter, and packet loss also play a factor in affecting overall online stream quality.

This explains also why even if one is subscribed to a higher internet plan (Netflix recommends at least a 25mbps plan for 4K video streaming), som may experience streaming issues like buffering and pixelation.

To further emphasize the lead at Netflix’s ISP Speed Index, Converge has maintained the lead for six months in a row, which can be seen at the ISP Leaderboard site.

“Our showing in the latest Netflix ISP Speed Index illustrates our commitment to continue providing fast and affordable internet to our subscribers,” Converge Chief Operating Officer Jesus Romero said.

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