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Guide: How To Use the New Instagram Live Rooms Feature

Instagram Live Rooms  1

Instagram Live Rooms feature is the newest addition to the image-sharing app. It allows creators to invite more than one Instagram user whenever they go live. The feature, which has yet to be rolled out for all users, was announced on March 1st. According to Instagram, the company noticed how creators were using the live feature on Instagram to keep their livelihood afloat during the pandemic through the support of viewers purchasing badges which the equivalent of sending “stars” on Facebook lives.

Instagram’s Live Rooms lets its users double up on collaborators. The original two-users only feature is now bumped up to four people in on a Livestream. This opens up the platform for more collaboration between creators, which can be anything from a talk show to an online workshop, just to name a few. Just like regular Instagram Live, the Live Room feature bumps up the accounts of users that are part of the broadcast which gives it a boost to get more eyeballs on the stream.

Instagram Live Rooms  2

How To Start Live Rooms on Instagram

  • Swipe Left and pick the Live Camera option
  • Add a Title and Tap the “Rooms” icon to add guests.
  • While you’re Live you’ll see people who request to go live with you and you can also search for guests to go live with.
  • Hosts who start the Live Room remain on top of the screen.

Instagram has also thought ahead of how hosts can deal with rowdy guests or users that have been previously blocked on their accounts. “Guests who have had live access revoked because of violations of our Community Guidelines also won’t be able to join a Live Room,” Instagram said on their website. Features that Live hosts can do include the ability to report and block comments, and apply comment filters will be available on the Live Rooms feature.

For creators, the live feature is essential in creating new forms of content that their community can engage with. Given that it is the primary feature on the platform that enables the likes of beauty bloggers, fitness instructors, and musicians to work with their contemporaries in a time when they can’t physically be together in one space, Instagram realized that the live feature is a lot more useful, not to mention exciting, with more people in a live stream hence the creation of Live Rooms.

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