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Pres. Duterte Wants Telco Companies to Improve Services by December

Duterte thinks the current telco services are below par

In his State of the Nation Address today, one of the points President Duterte addressed is the need to improve telecommunication services. “Kindly improve the services before December. I want to call Jesus Christ to Bethlehem. Better have that line cleared,” Duterte said. “You give us half-cooked transactions, lousy service tapos ang tao ang nagbabayad. Tell us now if you cannot really improve on it because I will work by December.”

In his speech, Duterte called out companies like Smart for allegedly offering poor services. Smart, for their part, has been making efforts in improving their services. Aside from providing smartphones for RapidPass checkpoints, Smart and PLDT have been working hard in upgrading their infrastructure to improve overall 4G availability and overall download speeds.

PLDT has deferred to comment on the issue as of this writing.

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  1. the president can threaten all he want. our telcos does not give a damn. there are no rules being violated and they have millions and millions of excuses. NTC, Senate and Congress can investigate all they want and will come up with nothing este just recommendations and that’s it. Natatakot silang manindigan sa kung ano ang nararapat at baka magsialisan and mga telcos. I believe even the SC will even side with the telcos.

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