Philippines Tops Other Asian Countries in 4G to 5G Improvement

by Jal Cutaran  March 17, 2022

Like what we’ve been mentioning in our reviews, 5G technology is growing fast in the Philippines. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Opensignal shows that the Philippines has the most improved average speed from 4G to 5G in the Asia Pacific.

Philippines 5G

According to Opensignal, “the Philippines saw the greatest uplift when we compare the 5G and 4G mobile network experience.” 

To be exact, the average 5G download speeds seen by users were 8.9 times faster than the average 4G speeds in the Philippines. While on mobile video streaming, Filipino users enjoyed a 33% higher Video Experience score using 5G versus 4G technology. 

Those figures put the Philippines on top, followed by Indonesia which came in second for uplift in Video Experience with a 29% higher score.

Although 5G has been around in the Philippines for years now, it is still far from its full potential. Safe to say, it is still in the early stages. Nevertheless, major telco companies have promised to make it better and widely available in the Philippines. 

The 5G network in a country can be improved in many ways, according to Opensignal. It can be improved by extending the geographic reach, by deploying 5G on new spectrum bands that improve speed and capacity, or by boosting in-building signal propagation and rural reach through the use of lower frequency bands for 5G.

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