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Pinoy Tech CEO Buys 300 year-old Map to Debunk China’s Claim on PH Territory

Photo from Vera Files and ABS CBN News Website
Photo from Vera Files and ABS CBN News Website

Mel Velarde, a Filipino Tech Executive and Businessman bought a 300 year old map that clearly debunks the 9-dash-line claim of China on the Scarborough Shoal. Velarde was able to acquire the map through an auction in Sotheby’s in London for a whopping 12 million pesos.

“Pansariling away na, nagiging personal na sa akin.” -Mel Velarde, CEO, Now Corp.

Velarde is scheduled to give the map to President Aquino on our upcoming Independence Day, June 12. The PH government will, in turn, submit the map to UN to bolster their case against China. Velarde was initially supposed to sell it to the PH National Museum for half the price he got it but he eventually decided to just donate it.

The map was made in 1734 by Jesuit priest Pedro Murillo Velarde (relationship with businessman is unconfirmed yet). It’s apparently the oldest map of the Philippines and is considered to be the “Mother of all Philippine maps” by historians such as Ambeth Ocampo and Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio.

To Mr. Mel Velarde: In behalf of our staff and team here in Unbox and our community, we say:


Source: ABS-CBN News, VERA Files

Carlo Ople

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  1. For sure may ilalabas na naman na map ang china. Alam mo naman sila magaling mampeke.

  2. It’s a chivalrous gesture towards strengthening Philippines’ claim. Albeit, China has already neglected the international tribunal, proceeding to assert their claims by military force on the disputed lands over the past months. With little movement from the United Nations to fortify the Philippines’ initial claims towards China or any other country with promising and valid evidence on the claims, and with China’s continuous military expansion over the Scarborough Shoal, we’d have already lost.

  3. I wont be surprised if may sariling version rin ang china sa mapa nila o sadyang duling lang talaga ang mga mata nila para mang angkin ng lupa na ang layo naman sa territoryo nila

  4. As if China will honor that? He should have help fubd the Phil coastguard instead. Still have some spare funds?

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