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Siri, Cortana Watch Out: Google Assistant Understands Natural Language

Google Assistant

Natural language FTW

Google has kicked off its I/O developer conference by announcing a new virtual assistant, simply called Google Assistant. Sundar Pichai, Google CEO demoed the new virtual assistant during the keynote of I/O today, and boy, is it impressive.

Google Assistant 1

Google Assistant builds on the voice recognition technology already on Android smartphones today, but now the Assistant can understand the natural flow of language, and gives you logical follow-up questions, results and actions to your queries.

Google Assistant 2

This is a big deal, since previously Google queries only gave you answers to your questions. With Google Assistant, you’ll be able to book tickets, order food, grab an Uber, navigate to a certain location or get additional information on places you’re currently in. The voice recognition software is pretty good, able to dichiper Sundar’s thick Indian accent without any issues.


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