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Walkthrough: Square Enix Booth at Tokyo Game Show 2016


Now that we’ve checked out Sony’s Booth here at Hall 6 of Makuhari Messe, it’s time to go to Hall 4 and visit the Square Enix booth to get a glimpse of Final Fantasy XV that should be released on November 29.


Unlike Sony’s booth, Square Enix has decided to wall off their exhibit and fill it with as many stations as they could to accomodate the thousands of expected attendants during the Tokyo Game Show’s Public Days that begin tomorrow. If you happen to be going and curious as to where the Square Enix booth is, all you have to do is use the giant Slime and Moogle to help you navigate through the expansive exhibition hall.




Going around the perimeter of the booth, you’ll mainly see queues for the different activities they have for all the attendees. The lines are mostly to play the demos for the games they have on hand, games like: Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy Worlds, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8, and you can even try the new patch for the Final Fantasy MMORPG — Final Fantasy XIV. A nice touch to the booth and play area is the Live Art installation where a handful of artists have been filling a wall with cover art from the famous JRPG.


Behind the booth, you’ll see the other game developers that Square Enix has partnered with for the event. Bethesda has a small room for attendees of TGS 2016 to try out Doom and Fallout 4 in VR — Sadly, we were not allowed to take photos of videos inside and didn’t get to try out because the waiting time for the VR experience was more than 3 hours long.


Another interesting VR application at the Square Enix booth was Project Hikari. Project Hikari is VR Manga crossover concept that allows users to experience their beloved Manga titles in a whole different way.


That’s pretty much it for the walkthrough of Square Enix’s booth at TGS 2016. For more stories make sure stay tuned to the site and click on the links below for all the previous articles from Tokyo Game Show 2016.

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