3 Things We Hate About the Starmobile Engage Aura

3 Things We Hate About the Starmobile Engage Aura

Okay. Hate can be a very strong word, but we did let you know what Starmobile got right with Engage Aura, so its only fair to point out its flaws too. We likened our time with the laptop to a relationship, and just like any relationship you have to be willing to make certain compromises. To help you make an informed decision before purchasing the 14-inch laptop, here are the three things we didn’t like about the Starmobile Engage Aura.

Questionable Build Quality

While we certainly understand the decision to use polycarbonate plastic, and we weren’t expecting it to be made of aluminum in the first place given its price point, it’s a little unnerving to feel a little play when you’re typing on the Engage Aura and when you hear creaks here and there as well. We’ve only had this notebook for about a week, so we’re still unsure about the lifespan of the device or how much abuse the hinges can take. We’re really hoping to be proven wrong, but you’ll definitely have to give the Engage Aura a little extra care.

Requires Additional Py… More Storage

It’s not unheard of to see the amount of internal storage on a device such as this. In fact, if we were reviewing a similar product from another local brand, our eyebrows would be quizzically raised at the 32GB of ROM it would have as well. So far, we’ve only installed Chrome and a program to resize photos in batches and nearly half of the space has already been taken up. Granted that you can expand it via a Micro SD card, but not by much. If you’re planning to stock pile videos on this laptop, we would definitely advise against it. RAM seems to a bit of an issue with people complaining of crashes here and there. We haven’t experienced any crashes with the Engage Aura so far, but we’ve keeping the work load pretty light.

Tinny Speakers Can’t Handle the Bass

We weren’t expecting the sound quality of the Engage Aura to blow us away, but we were surprised to hear it crackle with minimal amounts of bass; we’re talking the bass in my voice when I do voice overs for videos here. While the Engage Aura has a pretty decent display for watching videos, we highly recommend using headphones, or speakers if you’re sharing, to ensure that you don’t blow out the speakers and you enjoy the content you’re viewing as well.

And, that’s pretty much it for the three things we didn’t like about the Starmobile Engage Aura. While it does have its flaws, we do have to remind you of one thing — it’s pretty much a steal at its current price on Lazada, which is Php 7,450; something we covered in our article that highlights the good in this laptop. At that price point, you definitely should expect a few caveats and adjust your expectations accordingly.

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