ASUS Looking to Sell 1 Million Zenfones in PH This 2015

ASUS Looking to Sell 1 Million Zenfones in PH This 2015

Eric Shen

A very tall order for ASUS

Last year was a good year for ASUS. Aside from gaining 6 spots in IDC’s ranking in 2014, jumping from number 12 to number 6. ASUS also managed to sell a total of 8 million Zenfones worldwide, with 300,000 of those sales coming from the PH according to ASUS Corporate VP- Sales and Marketing Eric Chen.


As a result, ASUS PH has said that they are now looking to sell even more devices in the country – 1 million Zenfones, with Chen revealing an even bigger sales target worldwide of 25 million devices. While ASUS hasn’t officially released the prices of the Zenfone 2 SKUs for the Philippines, they may have a chance, provided that the company prices the Zenfone 2 and its different SKUs properly. The Philippines is one of the most price sensitive regions in the world, and sales targets of international companies are made and broken by just a few hundred pesos. Hopefully the company manages to hit the sweet spot as far as pricing is concerned. After all, lightning can strike twice.

Can ASUS hit their (very ambitious) sales targets? We’ll find out at the end of the year.

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