Here’s How You Can Get the Galaxy Tab A9 for Php 5.5k

Here’s How You Can Get the Galaxy Tab A9 for Php 5.5k

UPDATE 2: The Galaxy Tab A9 Flash Sale is back again for 4.4!

You still have another chance to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 at 50% off (or more) at midnight of February 15!

If you’re looking for a nice tablet on a tight budget, Samsung has a surprise for you: we recently spotted at their official Shopee store that they are selling the Galaxy Tab A9 LTE for Php 5,495–or 50% off its official price of Php 10,990. You can even opt to buy two Galaxy Tab A9s for Php 10,990.

In fact, if you know your way with Shopee vouchers, a Facebook User pointed out that you can get the Galaxy Tab A9 for as low as Php 4,295. Take note: we’re talking about a Samsung Tablet that you can actually buy for under Php 5k.

With the latter being available as a promo offering until February 29, that’s an insane deal on a Samsung tablet. What makes this flash sale insane is that it effectively makes the Galaxy Tab A9 LTE the most affordable tablet to use a tried-and-tested Helio G99 processor. 


While the RAM and storage configuration is rather low at 4GB and 64GB respectively, Samsung’s flash sale for the Galaxy Tab A9 is very enticing, especially to budget-conscious buyers that want a decent tablet for binge-watching. For its promo price, you get an 8.7-inch display with an 800×1340 resolution, along with a 5100mAh battery with support for 15w charging.

Those specs may look modest, but the main selling point of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 is its use of a Helio G99 processor AND LTE connectivity so that you can use the tablet with mobile data. It’s arguably a deal that’s hard to ignore, and is one of the most epic Samsung deals we’ve seen in a while.


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