[MWC 2013] Nokia 301 and 105 Hands-on: Reliable, Sturdy, and Affordable

[MWC 2013] Nokia 301 and 105 Hands-on: Reliable, Sturdy, and Affordable

Meet the Nokia 301
Meet the Nokia 301

Nokia 105 and Nokia 301

Other than the two Lumia handsets, Nokia also announced their newest budget feature phones: the Nokia 105 and the Nokia 301. Both are candybar type phones with the familiar alphanumeric keypad. However Nokia made sure to “level-up” the feature phones so that they are actually relevant and useful in this day and age. We spent some time playing around with both devices at Nokia’s booth here at MWC and we’d like to chime in with our findings.

Let’s start with the Nokia 105.

Simple, efficient, and reliable
Simple, efficient, and reliable

With a price tag of just $20 (roughly Php800-Php900), the Nokia 105 is an amazing starter phone for non-mobile phone users or a great back-up phone for smartphone fans. Other than the sturdy build, Nokia also put in a flashlight, FM radio, and… get this… one-month long battery life. Truth be told if a typhoon hit and electricity’s down I’d rather have this with me than an iPhone 5 or a Samsung Galaxy Note II. 😛

You get what you see with the Nokia 105. When we were fiddling around with it memories of the legendary Nokia 5110 came to mind. It’s as if the 5110 got hit by a shrink ray and they put in color on the screen, lol.

Anyway, at $20 we’re 110% sure we’re getting one. It’s an emergency phone that I’d love to have if ever crisis hits. I’ll just keep it fully charged, turn it off, and turn it on once a month (so that the battery doesn’t die completely).

Next up we have the Nokia 305. This one is more interesting.

Nokia 301 - feature phone with smart features
Nokia 301 – feature phone with smart features

Priced at $85 or roughly Php3,500, the Nokia 305 has more features and style than the 105. Among the noticeable features include a 3.2-megapixel rear-facing camera with smart camera functions like panorama, sequential mode, and self-portrait mode (audio guides you to position the phone properly). What’s very nice about the Nokia 305 though is that it has HSPA connectivity. Yes, this can connect to the internet, lol. Oh note that it even has Mail for exchange, hehe. Cool eh?

In our hands the Nokia 305 again brought memories of the Nokia 5110. However it’s hard to miss the fact that the Lumia design aesthetic was passed along to the 305. That’s definitely a good thing since we’re absolutely in love with how Lumias are built and designed. 🙂

Personally I find the price tag a bit on the high side though as there are already Android smartphones at that price range.

Pwedeng campaign phone to ng Team PNOY, lol.
Pwedeng campaign phone to ng Team PNOY, lol.

Both devices are scheduled to arrive in Asia as well so expect them in the Philippines soon. Like what I said earlier as soon as the 105 becomes available we’re going to get one (or two) right away. It’s the perfect emergency situation handset.

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