Samsung Galaxy Tab Lab Event Coverage

Samsung Galaxy Tab Lab Event Coverage

Samsung Galaxy Tab Lab Event at Eastwood City

Samsung Galaxy Tab Lab at Eastwood City

Samsung Philippines launched the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 this weekend at the Samsung Galaxy Tab Lab event held at Eastwood Activity Center in Quezon City. They had a pretty big set-up with four major booths, a selling area at the middle, and a stage for the program proper. We took a couple of photos throughout the afternoon and we’d like to share them with all of you guys here at Unbox!


Let’s start with the selling area at the middle. They had several Samsung accessories available including the Desktop Dock and S Pen Holder Kit for the Samsung Galaxy Note. I ended up buying both of these items, haha! Anyway, they had a 10% discount on all accessories for cash purchases. If you bought the Galaxy Tab 7.7 though they’d let you draw from a fish bowl for a random discount. The biggest discount offered that day was a whopping Php25,000.

Selling Area at the Middle

As mentioned earlier they had four major booths. The one that caught my attention though was the PLAY booth wherein they showcased the gaming capabilities of the Galaxy Tabs. They had this really thin TV mounted on the cardboard wall. I thought at first it was just a poster until people started playing Grand Theft Auto 3 on the tablet while being mirrored on the TV!

The Play booth with the really thin TV

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 was definitely the star of the day. The Galaxy Tab 7 Plus was also present but the highlight was definitely the launch of the 7.7. There was a booth at the middle near the stage with three demo units of the new Galaxy Tab 7.7 and it was constantly being crowded by people who wanted to try it out. I was able to spend a couple of minutes with it but I’ll talk more about that during my hands-on post.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 proudly on display!
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 on display
Galaxy Tab 7.7 demo units probably got hundreds of different finger prints that day.
The Galaxy Tab 7 Plus was also on display that day

Later in the afternoon there was a short program hosted by Gabe Mercado and Erin. They kicked things off by having the Product Manager of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 go on-stage to explain the various features of Samsung’s newest baby. After that they asked some members of the audience to join a few games using the Galaxy Tab (Pinoy Henyo). They also had three resource speakers talk about the Galaxy Tab which included me (lol).

Gabe Mercado with Galaxy Tab Product Manager
Erin with Gabe

Good Event, thanks Samsung!

We’d like to thank Samsung Philippines for inviting us to be one of the speakers during the event. It was definitely a successful event since we saw a lot of people lining up to buy various accessories and the Galaxy Tab 7.7. Hopefully we can get a review unit of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 so we can do a full review.

The Galaxy Tab 7.7 sells for Php32,990 and is now available in Samsung Mobile Stores.

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