Surprise! Little-known Company Vivo Is All Over Captain America: Civil War

Surprise! Little-known Company Vivo Is All Over Captain America: Civil War

So much Vivo smartphone placements

We’re not going to spoil the kick-assingly (yes, we know that’s not a word) awesome Captain America: Civil War for you, but many of the people who’ve seen the latest Marvel flick are probably wondering what Vivo is. We’re not goin to blame you – Vivo, the Chinese brand that was the first to announce a 6GB RAM equipped smartphone, is relatively unknown to Western audiences, which is probably the reason why their products are so prominently placed all over Captain America: Civil War.

Their level of ad placement is pretty impressive, with their logos not just plastered all over the phones that our heroes use, but on Tony Stark’s futuristic holo-capable tablet too. We guess Stark Industries don’t think that manufacturing their own phones and tablets is a profitable business.

Point is that the Captain America: Civil War tie-up is just the start of Vivo’s renewed push to get recognized on the global stage. Certainly the company wants to gain even more ground worldwide now that they’ve managed to get into IDC’s top 5 smartphone vendors, taking out prominent domestic rivals like Xiaomi and Lenovo – all while staying in the confines of Asia. Their local office is already spinning up the marketing machine, and with the arrival of their two new phones in the Philippines imminent, you can expect to see more Vivo-related stuff pop up in your Facebook news feed, as well as in other places you might not expect.

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