Viral Fridays: Ukranian Man Officially Changes His Name To “iPhone 7” To Win The Latest iPhone

Viral Fridays: Ukranian Man Officially Changes His Name To “iPhone 7” To Win The Latest iPhone

Welcome to Unbox’s “Viral Fridays” where we feature weirder than usual tech and geek related news to cap out the week.


Say hello to Mr. iPhone Sim (Sim is “seven” in the Ukranian language), formerly known as Olexander Turin. This 20-year-old Apple fanboy legally renamed himself into “iPhone Sim” to win a contest at a local electronics store.

The electronics shop promised to give the first five, name-changing entrants a free iPhone 7 unit. In Ukraine, an iPhone 7 costs around $850 (~Php 42K). It’s also important to note that it only costs $2 (~Php 100) to formally change your name in the country. Sim definitely dodged an Apple-priced bullet there, though at the cost of a decent legal name.


Mr. iPhone Sim told news outlets that he plans to keep his name, for now, reverting back to his birth moniker before having kids. Good plan there, Sim. Wouldn’t want to have kids named “Macbook Sim” or “Ipad Sim” or something.

Sim’s sister, Tetyana had this to say about his brother’s memeworthy life choice: “It was difficult to accept that and hard to believe it’s true. Each person in this world is looking for a way to express himself. Why not do that in this way?”

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