Watch O+’s New TVC With Yaya Dub And Lola Nidora

Watch O+’s New TVC With Yaya Dub And Lola Nidora

Cutest ad you’ll watch all day!

Many brands are starting to latch onto the success of Aldub to promote their products after the duo’s online and offline success. McDonald’s was the first to tap the duo, then Talk N’ Text. Now a local tech brand has revealed their newest TVC with Yaya Dub and Lola Nidora, and it’s so damn adorkable.

The commercial, just like others before it is pretty short but gets to the point quickly – Yaya Dub manages to entertain herself (and annoy Lola Nidora) while stuck in traffic with the O+ Ultra’s 2-day long battery life.

While it’s difficult to correlate actual sales to celebrity endorsers, our sources from McDonalds say that that their Chicken Fillet meal has continously been out of stock since Aldub’s endorsement. In fact, people are calling it the Aldub meal rather than the chicken fillet meal, which tells you a lot about the duo’s starpower. Will this be the same for O+? We’ll know in a few weeks.

Don’t know why people are going gaga over Aldub? You can read our EIC’s short and sweet explanation here. 

Read more about the Aldub phenomenon:

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