After Years Of Trying To Make It, Meizu Quits Smartphone Business

After Years Of Trying To Make It, Meizu Quits Smartphone Business

Chinese brand Meizu hasn’t made its mark in the Philippine market (honestly, any market outside China) but its presence has been felt in its designs and offerings in the past few years. Unfortunately, after years of losses and meh sales Meizu is calling quits on its smartphone business to focus on other technologies.

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The phone brand has been struggling to stay relevant in China in the face of tough competition, but it seems that even after being acquired by car brand Geely it still didn’t have the resources to continue to be competitive.

Shen Ziyu, the Chairman and CEO of Xingji Meizu Group says that they’ll be refocusing on AI, with reports stating that the FlymeOS team behind the Meizu’s operating system will be retooled to work with AI

Shen says abandoning product lines altogether isn’t new for the brand, citing their move away from the MP3 line when it was making bank to embrace the smartphone market..

Meizu’s unconventional designs and low price a decade ago made it an underrated smartphone brand for Filipinos. However, it never saw the same success as its more popular rivals like Xiaomi in the country. Still, we’re sad Meizu just said quits to the smartphone business, as the more brands = more choices for consumers which is a win for everyone.

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