Converge: Most Consistent Fixed Internet For Q2 2021

Converge: Most Consistent Fixed Internet For Q2 2021

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Converge is now Ookla verified as the most consistent fixed internet in serviceable regions in the second quarter of 2021. Based on the Ookla Speedtest results, Converge ICT Solutions has presented score thresholds that exceed or are equal to 25 Mbps downloads and 3 Mbps upload speeds.

In the Netflix ISP Speed Index, Converge ICT Solutions are at the top with Globe, Skycable. PLDT is close behind at the second-ranking. Converge ICT Solutions has been consistently on top of this list for the past 6 months as well.

Converge - Most Consistent Fixed Internet

The current consistency score of Converge is around 79.46%. According to Ookla Speedtest Intelligence analysis for the second quarter of 2021, Converge average internet download speeds for major regions range from 54.44 Mbps to 71.22 Mbps.

Supporting these numbers is another piece of important data from Ookla. Last June 2021, the Philippines’ internet ranking shot up to the 62nd spot with 66.55 Mbps out of 180 countries within the fixed broadband category. Converge’s internet download speed accelerated to 78.88 Mbps in the same month.

The country is far from getting any top scores but this spells good news for old and new subscribers. Subscribers are getting their money’s worth with this new development. Hopefully, this will put competitors in place as Converge is the most consistent fixed internet. If Converge wants to remain in this trajectory, consistent services and speed are key to achieving another citation by Ookla.

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