Converge Recognized As Best ISP for Netflix for 2023

Converge Recognized As Best ISP for Netflix for 2023

Converge maintains its spot as the best internet service provider (ISP) for Netflix users in 2023 based on the video streaming giant’s most recent ISP speed index report, where it tracked performance for the first half of 2023.

According to the latest data from Netflix, Converge delivered the best speeds among local telcos with an average of 3.4Mbps from January to June this year. SkyCable, Globe, and PLDT are tied for second place with an average of 3.2Mbps.

The Netflix ISP Speed Index measures the primetime Netflix performance of internet service providers, assessing which network offers the best picture quality, start times, and fewer interruptions to Netflix users.

“Our network was designed to deliver high-speed connectivity while keeping latency and jitter at a minimum. Our dominance in the Netflix Speed leaderboard is just a reflection of our commitment to give more value to our customers through reliable, top-notch internet services,” Converge SEVP and COO Jesus Romero said.

Netflix also ranked Converge as the top internet provider last year for having the fastest internet speeds based on its monthly speed ratings, garnering a full-year average of 3.42 Mbps.

Recently, a study from independent insights and data company OpenSignal identified Converge as the country’s fastest fixed broadband operator, with unmatched download and upload speeds at 52.8 Mbps and 35.9 Mbps, respectively.

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